Should You Eat Gluten?

Gluten-free is certainly in style right now. The sale of gluten-free products is increasing dramatically and most of us have a friend or family member who swears that going gluten-free is the best thing he or she has done in years. But if you are wondering if gluten-free is right for you, it would make sense to do blood work to give you a clear answer.

Cyrex Labs has developed a series of blood tests that addresses this issue. Cyrex #3 is the best test to determine gluten sensitivity according to Dr. Perlmutter, author of Grain Brain. (see pages 18-19 and 223 in the book). Cyrex #4 determines sensitivities to foods that cross-react with gluten. Dr. Perlmutter runs a large neurological clinic in Florida that addresses terrible brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS. He is working hard to provide answers to those of us in preventive medicine who want to know what to do to prevent these diseases.

My recommendation is that you find out if gluten is YOUR issue. The blood tests are expensive (we make NO money by selling this test to you). You can order a kit from the office and take it to a lab (recommended by Cyrex) to get the blood drawn. The results are emailed to our office and I will contact you with the results.

CYREX # 3: Best test for gluten sensitivity. $325.00

CYREX #4: Measures sensitivity to the 24 foods that cross-react with gluten. This test is for the people who have a positive gluten result from CYREX #3 and want to know the other foods they are more likely to be sensitive to. The 24 foods are listed on $225.00

You may read more about both tests at and

Have a fun and healthy August.

hA2cg For Weight Loss

We have found that the hA2cg program developed by DesBio works phenomenally well. We can customize the program for you. There are two different protocols for the diet, either the 500 calories/day plan or the 1000 calories/day plan.

This hA2cg homeopathic is safer and more affordable than injectable hcg that many weight loss centers are using. Plan to follow the diet and the recommended homeopathic dosage, and you will enjoy great results.

Clients who want to do the program for the first time should schedule a free consultation before they start. Call 303-220-7906 and choose Option 1 if you have questions or to schedule a free consultation.